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Automating FRR backups with Unimus - a how-to guide

We have received multiple questions on backing up the configuration of specific networking software packages in the last few weeks. We have decided that this would be a good time to...

Release Overview - Unimus 2.1.0

This release overview highlights new major features and changes in the Unimus 2.1.0 release.

Partner programs

Distributor / Reseller

We support resale of Unimus license through distributors / resellers. If you need to resell Unimus licenses to your customers, just contact us with a request for a quote.

Platform partner

Integrate Unimus into your existing software platform. Customize the look of Unimus (theming) and select functionality available in the UI. Includes flexible usage-based monthly billing.

Hosting partner

Host private or public Unimus instances for your customers acting as a "cloud" provider of Unimus. Includes UI customization (theming) and flexible usage-based monthly billing.