3 more products in the next 5 years.
We are growing our team.

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In 2016 we left our jobs to build Unimus as the most user-friendly unified network management system.

In 4 years we turned Unimus into a product trusted by network admins all over the world.

For the next 5 years we set ourselves to build 3 more products for our growing customer base.

Currently open positions

Frontend (React)

Join us in writing modern, performant and scalable frontends for our products. If you enjoy turning beautiful UI designs from an amazing design team into real products using state of the art frameworks, this is a job for you.

Backend (Java)

You will work on big-picture design and architecture and write performant and scalable code working with the rest of the team. You will implement new features in our product suite but also work on new products from scratch, offering plenty of challenge and fun.

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Netcore Daniel Majirský Netcore Jozef Petrík Netcore Ján Pichanič


Design and deploy services using the latest tech (Docker, Puppet, etc.) in public clouds or our on-prem infrastructure. Monitor and maintain the security and performance of our internal and public systems. No legacy systems and a well maintained infrastructure makes this actually fun!

Netcore Marek Domaracky

Sales and Marketing

No cold-calling or mandatory sales quotas - we do marketing and sales differently. Show your creativity and design and execute marketing campaings that actually offer value to customers instead of generic newsletters and spam. Create organic and community-based lead funnels and handle incoming sales requests from leads that see a value in our products.

Netcore Stanley Mácha Netcore Viliam Chabaľ Netcore David Sabol

QA & Testing

We place high value on the quality of our software. As part of the QA team, your job is to make sure our software stays in the gratest shape possible, and we maintain our standards of product quality. You will be able to go all the way from simple unit tests to complex acceptance test scenarios using real network equipment.

Netcore Marcus Oliver Polomčák


Our customers are highly technical - instead of an "end-user" facing support, you will be supporting network administrators, Linux sysadmins and other technical roles. The key traits of this team are politeness, and the willingness and enthusiasm to help solve tickets to the customer's satisfaction.

Company & Product management

Our job is to make sure the company runs smoothly, and everyone has the best possible environment to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Solving the daily problems, managing the growth of company and making sure everyone's paychecks arrive on time is what we do!

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Viliam Tkáčik Netcore Tomáš Kirňák

What is our hiring process?


We will review your CV and perform some initial screening with the rest of our team.


You will be invited to an introductory Zoom meeting with our management team.


Finally, you will be invited to an on-premise technical interview. If all goes well, you will be presented with a job offer.

Can I work as a contractor?

Yes. you can work as a direct employee (TPP), as a contractor (SZČO / Živnosť) or contract through your company (S.R.O., etc.).

Can I work remotely?

We highly value team cooperation, cohesion and constant communication and knowledge sharing within our company. As such, we currently only hire on-premise in our offices in Košice.

What equipment do I need?

We will provide everything you need to do your job. You will receive a desk with a comfortable chair, a powerful workstation and anything else you need to excel at your job.