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Junior Account Manager

9+ EUR/hr
As our Account Manager you will help processing our incoming sales requests, assisting customers with sales process and creating sales plans & strategies for our key clients.
You will be working with
Netcore Viliam Chabaľ Netcore David Sabol

What you should have

Experience with Account Management or relevant sales role
Understanding of sales principles and ability to deliver excellent customer experience
Strong communication skills with an ability to build relationships
Fluency in English language (verbal & written)
Good time-management skills with a problem-solving attitude

Nice to know

Experiences with CRM software / tools
Experiences with LinkedIn advanced project tools (Sales Navigator & Recruiter)
Business acumen in English language
Other language skills (French / German)

What will you do in Sales

Process incoming sales request from start to finish (quote > PO > proforma > payment > invoicing)
Account management
Account retention (manage failed payments, re-monetize customers)
Assist customers (new and existing) with any sales questions and issues
Build strong client relationships, through regular communication
Work with Sales Manager on creating customized sales plans & strategies for key clients
Work with the billing dept. to make sure all documents are in order

What will you do in Marketing & Partner Management

Collaboration on Online Marketing campaigns
Collaboration on new Partner opportunity campaigns

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What is our hiring process?


We will review your CV and perform some initial screening with the rest of our team.


You will be invited to an introductory Zoom meeting with our management team.


Finally, you will be invited to an on-premise technical interview. If all goes well, you will be presented with a job offer.

Can I work as a contractor?

Yes. you can work as a direct employee (TPP), as a contractor (SZČO / Živnosť) or contract through your company (S.R.O., etc.).

Can I work remotely?

We highly value team cooperation, cohesion and constant communication and knowledge sharing within our company. As such, we currently only hire on-premise in our offices in Košice.

What equipment do I need?

We will provide everything you need to do your job. You will receive a desk with a comfortable chair, a powerful workstation and anything else you need to excel at your job.